Makes It Possible to Buy A Star and Name It?

It is wonder to hear that buying of stars and naming those. Because of this enthusiasm of greater audience in buying/naming of stars, there is a significant increase in the establishment of star naming companies around the globe. It is a hot topic discussion by many bloggers and discussing about the legitimate status of the star naming companies. Some of enthusiastic audiences are asking whether these names of stars are official or not?

Here, I would like to clarify one thing that we have only one official organization i.e. “International Astronomical Union (IAU)” which maintains and publishes an “official star registry.” The IAU catalog is the main catalog used by astronomers and this catalog gives the information of stars in number but not with names. Each star has exact coordinates and same dimensions will be specified in the catalog with number.

You may hear that some stars have real names, is it true?

 No! Then why we are calling those stars with names. For example, some stars have real names such as North Star and Sirius etc. These are the names of well known bright stars and depends on geographical location same star may have different names but none of the star has real official name! Let we discuss about the “Are star naming companies legitimate?”

Are star naming companies legitimate?

We have many companies which are offering buying and naming of stars in various countries. Some of the companies announced in their websites as we are official or collaborated with some other recognized bodies or governments. Some of the companies, notably “The International Star Registry”, announcing that company will sell, name it and provides a full copyright on respective stars. This company is attracting by greater enthusiastic applicants by two ways such as 1. By its name (international) i.e. it sounds it is a legitimate company across the countries, 2. By its copyright scheme. Getting of copyright for a book is a simple by paying required amount (some countries offer with free of charge) but this copyright is not indicating that star name is official. For simply telling, all star naming companies are not legitimate and we have only one official organization i.e. IAU.

All the star naming companies have their own database and you can look at your star by following their instructions at any time but these are not official names of stars.

These are not official names, then what’s the use of naming star?

Good question! You are attending to the some occasions (like birth day parties/marriage anniversaries etc) and where you may try to surprise the person (birth day boy/girl etc) with your gift. But if you are giving normal gift(s) like some showcase/puppies etc, then what is the differentiation between you and some others because of you are trying to surprise them with routine gift. But if you go with naming of star (including official document and instructions to how to see the named star), then they may really get surprised!

Some of the companies which are well known for naming of stars are as follows:

The above companies are few and there may be some other companies which are offering naming of stars.

Finally, it may be a surprising gift for occasions but not consider that it is an official name.                   


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