Software Engineer turns Lawyer but Landed in Jail

A software engineer from Karnataka state of India turned criminal lawyer to fight against of his criminal case filed in 2008. In the year of 2008 (a decade before), he (Software engineer) was arrested for sending obscene messages/mails and photographs to a women and circulating her photographs to others (various people) from a cyber cafe. After knowing all these things, she filed a case on software engineer in the year of 2008 and the same year he was arrested and released on a bail.

After this incidence, he had quit his job and enrolled to study the graduate law course to become a criminal lawyer. After completion of his course, he started to defend his own case in Bengaluru court, India.

The cyber crime police said that the man who turned lawyer used all the loopholes to drag the case for long time. Later on this case was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). CID officials reported to the court that he used all possible legal loopholes in law to drag the case for long time. Yesterday (08-09-2018) court announced its judgment on this case as “apart from 2 years of jail, he has to pay a fine of 25000 INR” and finally, he was landed in a jail.


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