Funding Agencies for Project Proposals in India

After receiving the doctorate from recognized university, applicants will look for funding agencies for fulfilling of their dreams in research. It is everyone’s dream to get the grant / project fund from the funding agencies to carry out their work. It has some application criteria and needed some specific requirements to become an eligible applicant for receiving the fund.

We have done a survey, according to that survey report, most of the applicants expressed as we have applied for project fund but unfortunately our applications got rejected. Actually, here we have some criteria to get the grant from agencies. We suggest all the applicants that “before applying for project fund, first look at your profile and it must satisfy the hidden application criteria.” Somebody expressed that we are not aware of the funding agencies. Hence, I have decided to write this article to give details of various funding agencies in India.      

We have specified URLs of main portals of funding agencies and each agency will offer various schemes for funding the project(s). If you know other funding agencies which are not included in the above, please let us know by your comment and same will be updated in the above list.


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