NIPER stands for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research and IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. Both are well known institutions in India as well as abroad but IITs are gaining slightly more importance than NIPERs in abroad. Both are central autonomous institutions and they can make the course curriculum however they would like.


IITs are highly recognized throughout the world but not NIPERs. Why? First of all, NIPERs have some crisis in recognition in India up to 2014 or 2015 (exact year, don’t know). PCI stands for Pharmacy Council of India is a regulatory body which controls the pharmacy education throughout the India. Up to 2014 or 2015, PCI is not agreed to approve the NIPER’s MS/M. Tech degrees because it is stating that according to regulations of PCI, only M. Pharmacy courses are recognized in India but not MS (Pharm), M. Tech (Pharm) courses. This is one of the reasons, up to 2015 & 2016, we have vacant seats in NIPERs for some courses. Later on (after 2016), When NIPER courses got recognition from PCI (I think 2015 itself they got recognition for courses when the central government changed), students are opting to study in NIPERs.

In case of IITs, they are highly recognized and they don’t have crisis in getting of approvals.

Preference in Higher Studies

Whoever they studied in any of both institutions will get good references and they can opt for higher studies like MS/PhD in case of IITs and PhD in case of NIPERs. But when we try to go for MBA in top Ivy schools like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford (Said Business School) or other ivy business schools, IITians will get the preference than that of NIPERians because everyone know about IIT very well but not NIPERs. During their screening process, they will check for institution brand value where he/she was studied. But as interdisciplinary category, NIPERians/any health sciences graduate may expect additional advantage and I have not seen any person from NIPER have studied in those top business schools (up to my knowledge) but studied in some other schools after gaining of 5-10 years of experience. In case of MS/PhD programs, both they may have equal opportunities (slightly more preference for IITians).

NIPER JEE Vs JEE (Mains/Advanced)

If we consider the difficulty of exam, JEE is gaining much importance than that of NIPER JEE (which is somewhat simple paper). In case of international recognition, JEE exam will gain more importance than that of NIPER JEE and some of the abroad universities offered/offering the admission based on JEE score but not with NIPER score! In case of higher studies like MS/PhD, IITians will gain more importance but NIPERians also may get the good reference thereby they can join through direct entry (few members).       

NIPER Placements Vs IIT Placements        

Obviously, placements are good in IITs but not in NIPERs. In case of core departments like CSE, IT etc students are getting 3-4 crore package also (Sometimes). But in case of NIPER, it is purely for Pharmacy so it is not correct to compare with the placement of core departments of IITs.

Let we will discuss about the departments which are related to Pharmacy. IITs are offering Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and pure chemistry branches (Some other related branches also available) which are related to some of pharmacy courses offering by NIPERs. Chemical engineers are getting more packages than that of pharmacy graduates of NIPER in the pharma industries. Here we have to consider one important thing that IITians just completed their bachelor’s degree but NIPERians completed post graduation and even though companies are offering more packages to IITians but not to NIPERians. This is the reason, we unable find pharma graduate in higher positions of any pharma company except in very few cases. Nowadays we cannot find attractive placements in NIPERs except few NIPERs.             

Psychological Factors to be Considered

Psychologically, recruiters can think IITs are great institutions than that of other institutions. This is also a one more factor for why IITs are in first row.

Instructions to Upcoming Pharmacy Graduates

Decide yourself and make proper planning that where you want to be in after 5 years. According to that plan your career whether you want to be in research or business or you want to earn much money at the early age of your life.

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