Why Course Dropouts are More in NIPER?

NIPER stands for National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. It is well known central autonomous institute in pharmacy sector and offers MS (Pharm), M. Pharm, M. Tech (Pharm) and PhD programs. It offers different courses along with core branches like Traditional Medicine etc. when the NIPER aspirants scored in NIPER JEE, they are blindly deciding that I wanna join any course of NIPER. Actually, they don’t know about the basics of that course due to some attractiveness, simply they are joining initially.

What’s Happening after Joining in Non-Core Branch

After joining of 3 months, then the students will start to think about their future and they will compare the placements of their course with other courses. Here half of the students in noncore branches will divert and again they will go with upcoming year NIPER JEE followed by dropped out of the course.

Some branches like Pharmacoinformatics etc are new to pharma graduates and they don’t know the basics of that course. Few members can follow and understand the course but what about remaining students? Then uninterested candidates will look for other options followed by dropped out of the course.         

Even non-core branch also, they have future but due to lack of awareness, they are trying to come out of that branch. Some NIPER branches don’t have proper infrastructure and facilities to stay in that geographical location. Due to this, some of the students may drop out of that branch.

Dropouts are more in NIPER Hajipur (on average basis) followed by other branches. It is advisable to visit the branch personally and decide yourself before you are opting a course in that NIPER branch. 

The above are the few reasons, if you have dilemma on any branch of NIPER, feel free to contact us.

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