Interview with Dr. K.B. Chandrasekhar

What are your strengths?

Interpersonal skills, Organization and Planning.

May I know your weaknesses?

Believing in others and work.

What are your goals?

To reach the highest peak in the field of Academics and Research.

Charitable Research outputs and patents.

Where do you want to be in next 5 years time?

To see myself as a Vice-Chancellor of a University.

What 3 positive words would your colleagues/friends say about you?

Conscientious, Diligent and Persistent.

Tell me about a time when something went well?

2008 august-Vice-Chancellor appointed me as a CONTROLLER of EXAMINATION for JNTUA Anantapur, India.

What is your greatest achievement?

Got the Best Teacher Award in 2012 by Government of Andhra Pradesh.

What & who motivates you?

Doing research in the field of Chemistry, Prof K.N. Jayaveera .

What do you want to develop about yourself?

Professional skills that make Man complete.

How do you handle pressure/stress?

Meditate, Positive Thinking.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Explore World.

Spending time with family and friends.

What’s unique about you?

Extrovert Personality.

How do you resolve conflict in the groups or teams that you are a part of?

Accepting, understanding and guiding.

Tell me how you organize your work and schedule your time?

By scheduling and finishing the works on first serve basis.

Describe a situation you were involved in that required a multi-dimensional communication strategy?

While conducting seminars, workshops etc.

Describe a time when you led or motivated others?

Every day when my research scholars were downhearted.

Describe a situation where you were successful in getting people to work together effectively?

During my work period at University level, had led many people to work together in R&D, Examination departments etc and while conducting seminars.

What your researchers should develop in research?

Accuracy, Speed and Novelty.

May I know about your research students? How many members awarded with the degree PhD/M.Phil?



By considering all of your research students, who is the best researcher you would like us to know?

Dr. B.M. Rao.

What type of research is going on in your laboratory?

Analytical chemistry and Pharmaceuticals.

What are the qualities of an ideal student/learner?

Creative, Hard Working and Time management.

What are the qualities of an ideal teacher?

Deep knowledge and passion for their subject matter.

Community building skills.

Strong work ethic.

Which stage of education for a child is important?

Primary Education.

Does nationalism has any impact in learning process?


Does one education system suit for all set of students across the world?


What is the goal of education?

Make a difference in the world. Allow students to discover from many different perspectives, and innovate within.

What is the root cause of existing scenario of choosing education as an earning source than learning source?

Education being grades oriented rather than knowledge oriented from childhood.

How to define a success?

Desired Vision and Planned Goals.

How to handle failure?

With a positive attitude- Failures are the stepping stones to success.

Does a person daily routine has an impact in learning?


Finally, what do you suggest the young/upcoming researchers?

Be Loyal, Hard working and Positive.


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