JNTUA-B Tech-III Year-I Semester-(R15)-Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)-Supplementary Examinations-June 2018-Question Papers

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Antennas and Wave Propagation (ECE)

Computer Networks (Common to CSE, IT)

Computer Organization (ECE)

Design & Drawing of RCC Structures (CE)

Digital Circuits & Systems (EEE)

Digital Communication Systems (ECE)

Digital System Design (ECE)

Electrical Machines-III (EEE)

Electrical Measurements (EEE)

Electrical Power Transmission Systems (EEE)

Engineering Geology (CE)

Estimation, Costing and Valuation (CE)

Geotechnical Engineering-I (CE)

Introduction to Big Data (Common to CSE, IT)

Linear & Digital IC Applications (EEE)

Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications (Common to ECE, EIE)

MEMS & Microsystems (ECE)

Object Oriented Analysis & Design (Common to CSE, IT)

Operating Systems (Common to CSE, EIE)

Power Electronics (EEE)

Principles of Programming Languages (CSE)

Software Testing (CSE)

Structural Analysis-II (CE)

Water Harvesting and Conservation (CE)

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