Interview with Dr. Rashed Mustafa

What are your strengths?

Always thinking positive is my strength as I think.

May I know your weaknesses?

Take too much time to read new research article.

What are your goals?

To become a distinguished professor in a particular field of research is my ultimate goal.

Where do you want to be in next 5 years time?

I have a dream to reach my citation level up to 10,000.

What 3 positive words would your colleagues/friends say about you?

Loyal, honest and prompt

Tell me about a time when something went well?

At the time of getting acceptance of a paper.

Tell me about a time when something went wrong and you dealt with it?

At the time of rejection of a paper.

What is your greatest achievement?

PhD degree.

What & who motivates you?

I have been motivated by my M. Phil and PhD supervisors. They taught me how to achieve a very complex goal by keeping consistency in every steps of academic life.

What do you want to develop about yourself?

Want to learn new technologies all the time.

How do you handle pressure/stress?

I use to plan long before starting of new assignment and it reduces pressure and stress.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Travelling, reading scientific magazines and participating in different IT based talk shows in various electronic media.

What’s unique about you?

Can’t say no for any formal request.

Tell me about how a professional qualification you have obtained has helped you personally?

Professional qualification increases skills of a particular field of research. Academic institutions provide us knowledge and professional qualification increases level of skills.

Tell me about a significant crisis you have faced?

To start a new research but lack of necessary skills of designated tools.

How do you resolve conflict in the groups or teams that you are a part of?

In this situation usually I try to mitigate gaps between two groups by

Tell me about a difficult decision that you have made?

In October 2013, I was a PhD student and our research team was trying to solve a real life problem using some tools. Unfortunately nobody could solve it. I suggested changing the platform. No one agreed. I myself took the risk to test it after changing the platform. It worked successfully. My supervisor decided to give me the degree for this effort.

What significant problems have you faced in the last year?

Due to extra load in administrative duties, I couldn’t give much time in doing quality research last year.

Tell me how you organize your work and schedule your time?

Usually I disintegrate my works into small chunks then allocated time for each chunk.

What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction? Why?

Our paper appeared in journal of Machine Learning and automated monitoring, Soft Computing journal and recently my paper has been featured by RJIML. The reason for this is that after publishing the papers new knowledge also been added in the world.

Describe a situation where you were successful in getting people to work together effectively?

When I divide a small problem into 2/3 members it would successful no doubt.

Describe a situation in which you were a member (not a leader) of a team and a conflict arose within the team. What did you do?

In this situation I work independently to find a way out from the obstacle.

Tell me about a time when you were able to change someone’s view point significantly?

When I prove one’s viewpoint is not correct to address a situation.

Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something that you disagreed with?

When my boss is adamant to achieve a goal whatever other members are enjoying it or not.

What your researchers should develop in research?

I expect from my researchers for fundamental research outcome that will excel the realization of the world.

May I know about your research students? How many members awarded with the degree PhD/M.Phil?

At present I am supervising two M. Phil and 7 master students.

What is the greatest work done by your research students which have shown greatest impact in that field?

Mr. Mahim Ul Asad and Mr. Prashengit Dhar did significant research in smart Computer Vision arena.

What type of research is going on in your laboratory?

Machine Vision, Data Science and Multimedia Cloud Computing.

Describe a specific problem solved by you?

Haar like features of images is fed to Adaboost classifier for object identification. This kind of problem need high dimensional data and can’t be performed by Matlab due to its computational limitation. In this situation Open CV can address this problem after modifying its Gentle Adaboost function.

What is an approach for a problem?

At first need to have sound knowledge for better understanding of the problem. Proper reviewing the literature is only the way to know the aim of this problem. After that requires formulating the problem by finding research gap. Finally implement it for the solution.

What are the qualities of an ideal student/ learner?

Politeness, well disciplined, good manner and attentive

What are the qualities of an ideal teacher?

An ideal teacher always possesses honesty in his/her every step in life.

Does one education system suit for all set of students across the world?

I don’t think so. It may vary based on geographical location.

How to initiate problem based learning?

Learning methodology that follows in the department is passive in nature where instructors mostly deliver verbal lectures and students are expected to absorb and record knowledge. In this approach, teaching is considered as a routine activity, where instructors compile their course note over a year or two and repeat the course year after year with little or no effort. Hence, it is necessary to employ appropriate learning methodology that will make both students and instructors active. Problem-based Learning (PBL) is considered as an appropriate methodology in this context. In this methodology, the instructor will create such learning environment where the students can learn how to restructure the new information and prior knowledge into new universe of knowledge and also can learn to practice using it. Such restructuring ability of the student will turn him into a knowledge generator rather than knowledge absorber.

What is the goal of education?

The goal of education is to disseminate knowledge among the students so that they can spread the spark of wisdom in future.

What is the root cause of existing scenario of choosing education as an earning source than learning source?

From education students can learn how to become a skilled person. If we do not realize this point we have choose education as earning source rather than learning source.

How to define a success?

Success means creating an environment that empowers students, employees, and community in equal measure.

How to handle failure?

  1. Identify the causality of errors.
  2. Point out which are responsible for failure.
  3. Reformulate the problems
  4. Analyze risks
  5. Test the problem
  6. Visualize the results
  7. Analyze the performance

What is effect of technology on students?

With the help of technology students can grasp more information of their particular study topic.

Finally, what do you suggest the young/upcoming researchers?

My suggestion for young/upcoming researchers is to be honest throughout the life. Strictly keep in mind about plagiarism. Always respect your mentor, advisor and supervisor.


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