Importance of Internship and Why Internship Experience is More Significant than Ever

Internship means the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, with/without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. It is link between academic career and profession employment. Nowadays most of the employers (top companies) are looking for the candidates who have completed at least one internship during their academic career. Here, you have an opportunity to meet and work with the people already working in that area and it may expose you to new heights in your area. Simultaneously, you may get exposed to working environment and you may also expect good references if you undergone internship.

Why Intern Candidates Hired More than Other?

Nowadays many employers are offering internships to students with/without stipend. Here, students have an opportunity to learn new things which already going on in those companies. Employer can think during hiring process as intern candidates may have better work experience and easily moldable to company requirements. In case of non-intern candidates, companies have to give complete training as well as employer may not have confidence on non-intern candidates will work properly or not because employer have not seen non-intern candidate’s working style and their abilities. It causes lack of confidence on non-intern candidates and those may get removed from the final list of recruitment.

Reasons to Hire the Intern Candidates

  • Employer knows working style of intern candidates.
  • Believes that those intern candidates will be easily moldable according to company requirements.
  • Employer’s time will be saved for training.
  • Fulfills lot of confidence in employer.

What is the Time to Search for an Internship?

Being a student, it is recommended to undergo internship because where you may get exposure to the real time work environment. It is very important to know the suitable time to apply for internships. Professional experts and most of the surveys are telling that students must apply when they are studying junior year. Most of the employers will recruit summer interns one year in advance, hence, it is beneficial to apply one year in advance and you may have more time to look for suitable organization.       

How to Search & Pick the Right Internship

In this modern technology era, we have lot of platforms for searching right positions of our interest. You can get the best sites for searching of right internship of your choice at For National Internships & For International Internships. When beginning to search right internship position, we have to consider few things such as area of interest which related your field and where you would like to work upon graduation.

Local Vs International Internships

Both will be preferred equally but international internships will be preferred slightly more than that of national during recruitment process. This is why happening means “in case of international internship, students may have chances to meet great professionals and they may guide the students for their right path according to their interest(s). Once the candidate is moving from native country to another country indicates that internship may have a great value otherwise student may not give preference to such type of internships. By international internships, you can expect great references and guidelines which may fulfill your career goals. It may strengthen your CV with international experience because international experience may have reserved additional credentials than that of national.      

Paid vs Unpaid Internships

We know that what is the value of money and some of the great internships are unpaid internships. But due to lack of funds, students are not opting to those great internships. When you have decided to undergo internship, don’t let be money is the deciding factor and think about the value that brings to your CV/profile.

Benefits of Doing Internship (Paid or Unpaid)

  • Interned candidates can learn communication skills, discipline and efficient management of time.
  • Employers may give first preference to the interned candidates with full time position.
  • You may create an international network with good references and it may provide good opportunities.
  • Prior experience will always guide you the right profession and you may not have dilemma.
  • Top most companies are replacing the on-campus placements with internship programs. From the interns, they are selecting the right candidate for vacancies.
  • You may get good working experience with employer.
  • During internship itself you may know that what to do and what not to do. You may be fulfilled with lots of confidence because you have worked in real working environment.
  • Grades alone cannot measure your strengths and doesn’t guarantee that you will be a great employee. Hence, internship may be a great measure to calculate the strengths of employees.
  • You can prove that you are how dedicated towards the work.
  • You may gain team work, time management and real world business skills.

Always employers are looking for the candidates who may have quick transition capability from being a student to full time job employee, hence, this internship experience may place you in the first row during recruitment. Therefore, it is recommended all the students to complete at least one internship being a student.

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