Privacy Policy is a constituent unit of KVR Scientific Services (hereafter KVRSS) and this privacy policy is prepared only for UPI QP BANK.

Information collected by the website

This website store the data provided by individuals and it won’t be shared with any third party except with associated units of KVRSS. It’s our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the individual’s personal data.

We have designed some contact forms for simplifying the collection of data from individuals and simultaneously it is also useful for the identification of individuals. We collect the data like name, mail id, IP address etc from individuals and names of the individuals will be displayed publicly but not other personal information collected from individuals. We check this data frequently for the identification of individuals and may/may not be used for the communication purpose.

Content of the website

We will display the content collected from the different sources (web etc) and if anybody have queries regarding the content, those can reach us through our contact us page. In this website we will update previous/old/sample question papers from universities/colleges/other sources and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the data stored/displayed on this website. It also consists of discussion forums, survey(s), blog (informative articles) etc and private details of participant’s will not be disclosed on this website except name or other required information.         

Note: We request and recommend all users/participants/visitors of this website, frequently check the latest updates/amendments in privacy policy/services etc.


We can use the personal data (email/phone etc) for better communication with users/participants/visitors or promoting the new services etc. Users/visitors/participants have reserved rights to unsubscribe at any time from receiving of Emails/SMS etc, thereafter, unsubscribed users will not be received any Emails/SMS (promotional information).   


We are partnering with Google AdSense as an advertising partner, therefore, we will display cookies from Google AdSense on this website. For further future associate marketing, kindly check our policies frequently.

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