Career after B. Pharmacy

Congratulations for successful completion of Bachelor of Pharmacy and it is the right time to take right decision to fulfill your dreams. Here, you have multiple choices such as higher studies, doing job etc and let we discuss about the opportunities after B. Pharmacy.

Higher Studies in India

You have multiple ways to go for higher studies in India after satisfying the eligibility criteria of respective courses. If you scored well in GPAT then you can join in master courses such as M. Pharmacy, MBA, Pharma MBA, M. Pharmacy+MBA, M. Pharmacy+PhD and Direct PhD entry. Some of the campuses are offering direct PhD entry after B. Pharmacy and some offering integrated M. Pharmacy+PhD course.

If you want to become a scientist or willing to work in R&D laboratories, it is advisable to go with higher studies. If you want to earn money in early stage of your life then it is advisable to go with MBA program. Read our Pharma MBA (vs) Core MBA article for better understanding and it may help you in choosing of right course.

Higher Studies in Abroad

After successful completion of B. Pharmacy, most of the students they are opting for foreign education. Why they are selecting abroad education? When we asked the students studying in abroad, everyone telling ultimately we can earn much money. After getting good score in GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, you can select the good university where you want to study. In foreign, you have an opportunity to take course diversion and most of the Indian pharmacy graduates are taking course diversion because of difficulty in getting qualified in licensure exams. Some of the restrictions from the local regulatory bodies on pharmacist licensure exams of foreign graduates, most of the Indian graduates are taking course diversions. Here also you have opportunities to go with MS, MBA and PhD programs. Depends on your interest, you can opt for suitable course.

Jobs in India

There is a job security for pharma graduates in Indian pharma industry but you have to compromise with the salary. With M.Pharmacy qualification, you can expect maximum salary between 2.8-7 lakhs and in rare cases, you can expect 10 lakhs package. In case of pure MBA from top ivy schools, you can expect even upto 1 crore and for Pharma MBA from NIPER, you can expect 3.5 -12 lakhs and from NMIMS, you can expect upto 10-30 lakhs.

Note: Salaries expressed are minimum to maximum (highest) level.

Jobs in Abroad                

Just with Bachelor of Pharmacy, you cannot expect job opportunities more. It is advisable to go with MS program and thereafter you may expect to have good job in that respective nation.

If you want to know the best institution(s) offering direct PhD entry, Integrated M.Pharmacy+PhD, and M.Pharmacy+MBA, please write your request in comment box. Requested information will be updated at the earliest in the same portal.     

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